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The Superwoman Entrepreneur podcast was created for you, the woman entrepreneur who often feels overwhelmed working really hard to create and monetize your expertise. If you desire more freedom overall in your business and life overall to do the things you love, stay tuned as Maribel Jimenez delivers weekly inspiration, business strategy and keys to leverage your business and design a life you love! Each episode brings you a mix of successful entrepreneurs out there doing it and sharing their journey, business strategies, success tips, ways to leverage, tools, resources and so much more! We end each episode with ways you can take the learning further and create the business and life the way YOU want it!
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Dec 31, 2015

Today’s guest on New SuperWoman Entrepreneur is Maribel’s great friend, Esther Hatfield-Miller, a survivor of clergy sexual abuse and advocate for those who have undergone abuse. She transformed from victim to survivor and has emerged as a thriver, using her 5-step self-healing system “from CHAOS to CALM!” to help many people overcome the trauma and pain of sexual abuse.

You can use humor to overcome the most painful trauma.

Too often our personal traumas are what form the core of our hindrances in life and business. It’s natural, but an obstacle that has to be overcome if success and well being are to come to fruition in our lives. Esther Miller teaches people how to use humor, whimsy & insight to those who are victims of abuse so that they can learn to heal their sexual abuse & trauma so that they create a powerful, calm & drama-free life! You’ll be entranced by Esther’s energetic enthusiasm as she shares her vision, her business, and her zest for life, on this episode of New SuperWoman Entrepreneur.

Turning pain into powerful change for the world.

Esther Miller’s personal journey of recovery from sexual abuse is not something she’s allowed to hold her back. In fact, she’s moved it into the realm of help for others and has been featured in international media outlets. She continues international advocacy work to prevent sexual assault, restore justice, and abolish the Statute of Limitations for crimes committed against humanity. As you can see, Esther has taken her pain to a place of healing and help for others who don’t know how to overcome their traumas. Listen to Esther’s story to be inspired about what might be possible for you, your business, and your vision for the world.

Narrowing your focus could amplify your business success.

There are literally hundreds of ways you can generate revenue in your business. But a few clarifying questions about your core mission can help you narrow down the options to focus on the main ones that will set you apart and energize your work. What is THE thing you want to accomplish for your clients/customers? What methods of product or service delivery would BEST help you accomplish that? Esther Miller has learned that her main mission is to help people overcome sexual abuse and she’s found that the BEST way is to focus on helping them through coaching, courses, and group accountability to keep herself on track. What she’s found is a greater degree of personal clarity and a more effective accomplishment of her mission. Hear her story on this episode of New SuperWomen Entrepreneurs.

Stepping out of the pain of the past to open the door of the future.

The abuse or pain you’ve experienced in life don’t have to continue to hold you back. There is more to life than wallowing in the pain until you die. Esther Miller knows this personally and is speaking all over the world to help women overcome the pain of sexual abuse. You can hear how she helps women overcome the pain and limiting beliefs that sexual abuse causes and get your own copy of her free gift to help you start on that journey today, it’s all on this episode.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of her friend, Esther Hatfield-Miller.
  • Esther’s personal mission in life and how she goes about accomplishing it.
  • Why and how Esther became an entrepreneur.
  • A blessing in disguise experience in Esther’s business life.
  • The greatest power moves Esther has made to ramp up her business.
  • The work Esther does to help victims of sexual abuse and her tips for those still suffering.
  • Esther’s free gift for you.
  • Why Esther focuses on appreciation more than gratitude.
  • The best advice Esther has ever received.
  • Who inspires Esther.
  • A favorite book.
  • Esther’s favorite mantra (for this week).
  • How to connect with Esther.

Resources mentioned in this episode


BOOK: Man’s Search for Meaning

Dec 29, 2015

Baeth Davis is founder and creator of, a company devoted to helping spirit-rich entrepreneurs, artists, healers, mentors, and spiritual teachers unleash their life purpose and get paid for their passions. In this way she wants to help you BE the change you want to see in the world! Baeth's unique ability is to identify your spiritual purpose and then help you create a strategic plan to actually make money doing what you love. On this episode you’re going to go deep into what Baeth provides and learn about how she is working to help entrepreneurial women just like you to ramp up their business.

Hand analysis? Really?

Many people have heard of what they call “Palm reading” and look at it skeptically. Baeth felt the same way the first time she had her hands analyzed, but the experience was so impacting for her she had to learn how to do it for herself. She specializes in helping men and women in career identity crisis to find their heart's calling and follow it.

She does that using her unique blend of scientific hand analysis, spiritual teaching, and sales and marketing skills. Baeth has worked personally with over 8500 one-on-one clients in her 15 years as a business owner and has spoken live to thousands of people globally. Listen to this conversation to hear how Baeth uses her skills to impact many entrepreneurs.

A family legacy of entrepreneurs at work in her life today.

Baeth Davis has entrepreneurial thinking in her blood. Both of her grandfathers were entrepreneurs and she believes that there’s something in her that takes after them. She’s got a natural proclivity to business and has proven that through successfully guiding many others to business success. Her work today is internally fueled by many of her experiences and memories from the days of hanging out with her grandfathers. Maybe you don’t have an entrepreneurial bloodline like Baeth, but she believes you can learn the skills, especially if you find a good coach to guide you. Hear more of Baeth’s advice on this episode of New SuperWoman Entrepreneur. 

If you want to do it, do it.

Baeth Davis grew up around people who enjoyed their work. Her grandfathers, her parents, they all enjoyed the act and process of working for success. In that environment she learned that work is fun and very rewarding and that if she wanted to pursue something, she could. She heard her parents say to her, “If you want to do it, do it.” It’s that kind of support and encouragement that enabled her to move toward the business coaching and consulting that she does today. Discover more of Baeth’s story and how she can help you understand your own life purpose, on this episode.

Do the right thing because it’s the right thing.

Many people find that they do things because of what it will gain them. But that’s not a way of living that is filled with integrity. It’s important to know yourself, to be able to work and live in a way that you are able to do what is right because it is right. That’s where we all need to be moving, where we need to be heading on our journey. Baeth Davis has some very interesting thoughts surrounding this idea and you’ll be enriched from what she has to share on this episode.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of Baeth Davis, the palm pilot to the soul of your business.
  • Baeth’s mission and purpose in the world as a scientific hand analyst.
  • The things that motivated Baeth to move into entrepreneurism.
  • The power of witnessing parents who enjoyed their work.
  • Baeth’s insights into the way things work and how it translates into action.
  • The best advice Baeth has ever received.
  • The people who inspire Baeth regularly.
  • A book recommendation from Beth.
  • Beth’s free gift for NSWE listeners.


Resources mentioned in this episode

Beth’s website:  and


BOOK: Traction by Gino Wickman


Beth’s free training -


Dec 24, 2015

Today’s episode of New SuperWoman Entrepreneur is a terrific episode, packed with great tools and tips for you and is considered one of the hottest direct response copywriters and marketing consultants in the industry today. Michele Pariza Wacek has a reputation for crafting copy and creating online and offline marketing campaigns that get results.


On this episode you’re going to hear Michelle’s refreshing way of looking at copywriting and how she has gone about forging a new path in direct response copywriting that is seeing loads of success and great responses in the industry.


A move into the entrepreneurial world that opened up a desire to change an entire industry.


When you talk about dreaming big, you never think it’s going to really go THAT big, but for today’s guest (Michele PW) that’s what happened. Michele started writing professionally in 1992, working at agencies and on staff as a marketing/communication/writing specialist. In 1998, she started her business as a freelance copywriter. She quickly realized her vision was bigger than serving her clients as a one-woman-shop. In 2004, she began the transformation to building a copywriting and marketing company. Now Michele’s company caters to entrepreneurs and small business owners internationally, including the “Who’s Who” of Internet Marketing. Her approach to copywriting is the mindset and methodology that make a huge difference in our changing world. Hear her entire story on this episode.


Getting clear with what you want is one of the most important things you can do to improve your marketing.

When you’ve got a great product or service that needs to get out to the world, you’ve got to enlist a host of people to help you spread the word effectively. One of those people is likely going to be a copywriter. Professional copywriter Michele PW says that one of the best things you can do to make that process more effective and powerful for your bottom line is to gain clarity on what it is that you want and what you have to offer. That simple step enables you to enlist people more effectively, getting the right kind of help for the right project and cutting down the steps required in reaching your goal. Find out more great tips from this world class copywriter, on this episode of New Super Woman Entrepreneur.


Copywriting doesn’t have to be the sleazy, pushy thing you’ve come to know.

Today’s guest, Michele PW is committed to making that idea as widely accepted as possible. She believes that real copywriting, the kind that not only gets results but also gains respect, is copywriting that respects the reader and treats them with love. It doesn’t manipulate. It doesn’t coerce. It’s based on what is best for the reader, the one who will eventually decide whether or not to buy the product or service represented. Michele’s book, “Love Based Copywriting” outlines her thoughts on this important subject, and she shares a lot of great insights on this episode, so be sure you take some time to listen

Would you like an easy to use, simple way to learn how to write love-based copy?


As part of her already generous visit to the New SuperWoman Entrepreneur podcast today, Michele PW has a free gift that she’d love to give you in exchange for your email address. She’s created a “Love based copywriting” template to help you understand what love-based copywriting consists of, and how to get started writing your first piece of copy according to the LB philosophy. You can get your own download of the template by using the link in the resource section of this episode. And you can hear more of why Michele has developed this method of copywriting and the amazing results she’s seen from it, on this episode.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Meet Maribel’s friend, Michelle PW, copywriter and marketer.
  • Michelle’s refreshing approach to copywriting.
  • How Michelle began pursuing entrepreneurial things.
  • A blessing in disguise moment Michelle experienced and how she overcame it.
  • The power moves that have made the biggest difference for Michele’s business.
  • Michele’s tips about writing good copy from her “love based” methods.
  • Why learning to be clear with your copywriter is a powerful step.
  • How Michele leverages her time and productivity to get everything done.
  • The best advice Michele has ever received.
  • Who inspires Michele?
  • A book recommendation from Michele.
  • Michele’s free gift.


Resources mentioned in this episode


Michele’s website:


Michelle’s book: Love Based Copywriting 


Michelle’s Amazon Author page 


BOOK: Getting Things Done 


Michele’s free gift: Love Based Copy templates

Dec 22, 2015

Raquel Vasallo is passionate about helping women become “true you.” She longs to see every woman become magnetic, empowered and irresistibly happy! She believes that there is something inside of every woman, telling her that there is more. She sees that “voice” being a woman’s “higher self” that is telling them that there is nothing on earth they cannot have, nothing they cannot be, nothing they cannot create.

On this episode you’re going to hear about Raquel’s journey into the work she’s doing through spiritual healing, personal coaching, and building a business that supports her and empowers others. Be sure to listen.


“I was hiding behind a business that was doing very good things.”


That’s what Raquel Vasallo says of the moment when she began to recognize one of her “blessing in disguise” events. She’d been doing great work in her healing practice but was hitting obstacles that she couldn’t explain. She didn’t understand what was going on and began to look inside to find out what was blocking her success. What she discovered is that there were parts of herself that she wasn’t being true to, things that she needed to change in order to be an even greater blessing to her clients and to the world. You can hear the entire story and how it panned out for her on this episode.


Different levels of revenue generation undergird her business.


Raquel Vasallo’s business is centered around life purpose discovery. On an entry level she does life purpose work with clients who are looking for meaning and purpose. On the next level she teaches others how to help people do the same kind of “life readings” to maximize her reach and build another opportunity for her to expand the skills she’s developed. Beyond that, she’s become a speaker to bring in more revenue and grow her business as well. If you’d like to learn more about this 3 tiered approach, be sure to listen.

What part of yourself do you need to give up in order to reach your next “big time” goal?


Growth in your business will be directly connected to your growth as a person. How you change day to day will impact your business, either positively or negatively. For example, if you’ve always thought of yourself as an introvert, you will likely get to a point where you have to let go of that piece of your self-proclaimed identity so you can be free to step out and talk to people you need to meet or connect with in order for your business and life to take the next step forward. What is your current struggle in upping your game? That’s likely the very place where you’ll discover something in yourself that you need to give up. Hear how Raquel Vasallo describes these things in her own life and how it can apply to yours, on this episode.


Resetting your mindset can be the key to your growth and business success.

The way you think about the world, yourself, and the way life works is key to how you respond to the opportunities you have. You’ve got to learn how to open your mind to new possibilities and new ways of doing things if you’re going to grow. It’s simple, but not easy. A good place to begin in determining what areas of your mindset need to change is by looking at the recent opportunities you’ve had that you’ve ignored or haven’t taken advantage of. Why didn’t you take them? Was there something in what you believe or think that held you back, telling you that you couldn’t take on that opportunity in a positive way? If so, there could be limiting beliefs that are the root of those hesitations. Learn more about adjusting your mindset from today’s guest, Raquel Vasallo.


Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of today’s guest, Raquel Vasallo.
  • The roles and mission Raquel fulfills through her life.
  • What influenced Raquel most to become an entrepreneur.
  • A blessing in disguise moment Raquel has experience in her entrepreneurial journey.
  • The business model Raquel uses to generate her income.
  • The power moves Raquel has taken to increase her bottom line.
  • The work Raquel does and tips she suggests to listeners.
  • Power and purpose come from writing down your discoveries and success targets.
  • Favorite tools and methods Raquel uses to leverage her time and life.
  • The best advice Raquel has ever received.
  • Who is inspiring to Raquel?
  • A favorite book Raquel has read recently.
  • A free gift for you from Raquel.


Resources mentioned in this episode

Raquel’s website:


Google Calendar


BOOK: The Science of Getting Rich


Raquel’s free gift: 5 Secrets to Live Your Higher Purpose

Dec 17, 2015

Today’s guest, Eleanor Beaton, has helped hundreds of women become personally, professionally, and financially empowered by teaching them the leadership skills of 7-figure business women. She offers women at all career stages a powerful mix of personal coaching, career mentorship and specialized training and consulting. She’s worked one-on-one with highly successful leaders and her articles and advice have been featured in dozens of media outlets including CTV, CBC, The Globe and Mail, Atlantic Business Magazine, Chatelaine, and PROFIT Magazine.Today’s conversation highlights Eleanor’s experience, insights, and strategies for creating your own opportunities as an enterepreneur. You’ll gain lots of insight from this chat.


Do you want the secrets of America’s most powerful women leaders?

Eleanor Beaton has a powerful business where she uses corporate workshops, private coaching and small group training programs to teach hundreds of women the powerful career strategies, tips, tricks and mindset principles behind the success of some of the country’s country’s most compelling women leaders, including women who have been named to their country’s most powerful CEO lists, women who have led multi-billion dollar companies, women who have personally advised Prime Ministers and Presidents, and women whose creative work has inspired international movements. In this episode you’re going to learn tips and strategies that Eleanor shares with those high level entrepreneurs and business women, so be sure to listen!


Find the courage you need!

Eleanor Beaton has discovered through her business ventures and the challenges that have been hers to face, that courage exists in two different types. First there is the courage to start. This is what a woman needs in order to take the first steps toward seeing her dream come to life. It’s hard work and hard to do, but it’s vital. The second kind of courage is the courage to keep going. There are hurdles and obstacles all along the way of the entrepreneurial journey. You’ll need courage to keep going when those hard times come… and often, you need to make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people like Eleanor who are able to keep you going when things get tough. You can hear more of Eleanor’s thoughts about courage on this episode.


The biggest power moves always involve making better connections.

In working with high level entrepreneurs and business women, Eleanor Beaton has discovered that the most significant moves that create the biggest gains and profits in any business is in making genuine connections with the people who matter in your niche. As people who travel the roads that are “higher level” than you begin to like, know, and trust you, they begin to see you as an asset they can introduce to their peers and mentors. That’s how you come to make the connections that are powerful for your business and how you can enter into partnerships and relationships that will last, gain traction, and build your profitability. Eleanor shares a gold mine of great information on this episode, so don’t miss it.


Ways to get into the circles you need to be in, without being a “gimme” person.

The formula Eleanor Beaton follows when she’s trying to gain the attention or help of a person who has the influence or resources she needs to move her business forward is very simple:  Give, Give, Give, Ask. Too many entrepreneurs move to the “ask” way too soon. They become people who are always asking for help rather than adding genuine value to the people they want to get to know. It’s powerful when you do significant things (not costly, but thoughtful) that bring value, notice, and benefit to the people you want to attract. Generosity never fails if you do it well. Find out more about how Eleanor does this, on this episode.


Outline of this great episode!

  • Introduction of Eleanor Beaton, one of Maribel’s friends.
  • The mission Eleanor is on and what she’s trying to do.
  • The variety of roles Eleanor plays in her life: Entrepreneur, wife, mom.
  • The things that most influenced Eleanor to become an entrepreneur.
  • A moment when Eleanor hit her biggest challenge and the lessons she took from it.
  • How Eleanor’s business generates revenue.
  • The most powerful moves made to impact Eleanor’s bottom line.
  • The confidence with which you show up!
  • What Eleanor does to keep herself balanced and on track.
  • Eleanor’s favorite tools and apps.
  • The best advice Eleanor has ever received.
  • The person who inspires Eleanor at this point in her life.
  • How you can connect with Eleanor and receive her free gift.
  • Eleanor’s personal mantra.

Resources mentioned in this episode

A domain and hack Eleanor has developed.

BOOK: Turning Pro

Eleanor’s free gift: A free Feminine Leadership Discovery Session -

Dec 15, 2015

Today’s guest is an amazing woman who is a specialist in a niche that is becoming more and more popular and profitable. Linda Claire Puig is an internationally recognized marketing expert who helps solo business owners develop profitable relationships and portable businesses that go with them wherever they want to go. Linda has taken her own business abroad for months at a time to locations including a medieval-era Italian village, the grand cities of Paris and Rome, and the Andean highlands of Ecuador. In this conversation you’re going to receive some unique perspectives and tips from a woman who spends her time helping entrepreneurs thrive and enjoy the benefits of living on the road at the same time. You’re going to have fun listening to this one!

More than one business… and all run from the road!

Linda Claire Puig is well practiced by now at running her businesses from a laptop while she travels the world. Linda’s 6-Figure Newsletters division provides done-for-you newsletter articles and full-service ezines, while her Portable Profits Club provides the training and support to help travel-loving entrepreneurs take their business on the road with them. Linda is also an award-winning journalist and writer for the past 30 years, and her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines and newsletters around the world. As you can see, she’s very active but has found a way to make it all work and enjoy her preferred lifestyle at the same time. Be sure to listen in to glean some powerful tips and strategies from a woman who’s doing it.


A misdirection that was a blessing in disguise.

The very first time Linda Claire Puig tried to create a course and webinar, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. She was afraid before she started that the technical learning curve and the possibility of glitches happening on the day of the event would derail her efforts, equalling a huge failure. What happened was exactly what she feared. Her website had issues, the follow through was disrupted, and she didn’t hit the homerun she was hoping for. But what she learned from the experience was well worth the pain because it forced her to feel the fear and do it anyway and showed her that she could be a very effective teacher. Learn more lessons from Linda on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur.


How you can determine if you’re ready to take your business away from the office.


Linda Claire Puig runs 3 different businesses from hotel rooms, resorts, and other locations all over the world. She does it without any glitches and with excellent communication and coordination between herself and her team members. She’s got some simple but very good advice for those who are eager to take their life and business on the road: Start out by trying to work an entire day from your local coffee shop. You’ll discover rather quickly what systems and structures are too tightly tied to the 4 walls of your office. You’ll also be made aware of communication systems, technology limitations, and other things you’ll have to fix before you’re ready to go on the road. Get more gold nuggets of advice like this on this episode.


Tools you can use to run your business from the road.

One of the key pieces that needs to be in place in order to run your business as you travel is the ability to communicate, pass information and resources to team members, and keep projects rolling. You can’t do that if everything is stored on your laptop or in a file cabinet in an office somewhere. Tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Asana make those tasks much simpler because they are cloud based and easy to use. Teams can stay in touch, resources can be shared, and the business can move forward with ease. Get more tips from Linda Claire Puig, travel and business specialist, on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Introduction of Linda Claire Puig, a specialist in location-independent business.
  • Linda’s mission and why she does the work she does.
  • The view of Linda’s life as mother, business woman, and more.
  • What influenced Linda to become an entrepreneur?
  • One of Linda’s biggest entrepreneurial challenges that turned into a blessing.
  • A very interesting business model that Linda uses.
  • How Linda works to help entrepreneurs have a portable business: Her tips for those who want more freedom in their business.
  • Managing internet connection problems from the road.
  • The resources Linda uses to leverage her time and productivity from the road.
  • What is the best advice Linda has ever received?
  • Who Linda is inspired by.
  • Linda’s motto and favorite quote.
  • How you can connect with Linda.


Resources mentioned in this episode


BOOK: Wild Swans

Dec 10, 2015

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is a speaker and coach with 20 years of experience helping people create the lives they crave. She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs that have a hard time managing their time and their tasks, figure out a way that works for them. She believes that you have to find the time management system that works for you, that solutions are found by paying attention to the present moment, and that just like Michelangelo had to chip away at the stone to find the statue, we have to get rid of all the extra stuff that isn’t the core of your life.  


Why do you want to be an entrepreneur?


Is it the possibility of freedom in lifestyle and time? Is it the ability to call your own shots and create the things that YOU want to create? Is it to have the opportunity to make the income you really want and need? Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking decided to become an entrepreneur for all those reasons even though she was already “living the dream” of her chosen profession. When she left the research and medical field to become a coach, she found that her specialization made her even more fit to be a coach and guide for others. You can hear her story on this episode.


How do you get past those big entrepreneurial challenges?

It can be really hard to deal with the stress, demands, and pressure of running your own business. But oftentimes those very things, the things we hate the most, become the blessing in disguise that teaches us how to move into a place that is a better fit for us as a person. Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking discovered that the stressed and demands of her last job were the very things she didn’t want - and they showed her that she could actually step out on her own and develop a business that could support her lifestyle and family and give her a great sense of fulfillment at the same time.

How coaching packages can be used to fuel your business income.

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking has built her entire business around the task of coaching. She uses one on one coaching, leveraging coaching agreements to bring in fairly consistent income. But she’s leveraged that into a group coaching model as well, enabling her to bring her expertise to more people at the same time. Beyond that, she has accountability programs, software, and groups that help her take her talents and skills to an even broader audience that needs her help. She’s got a ton of things to share on this episode about how she practically accomplishes these things, so be sure you listen!


Get clear on what you do well and hand off the rest.

It sounds very simple, but it’s hard to do. But when you are able to identify the things that you do well and the things you don’t, you’ll discover the things that you don’t do well are the very things that are eating up your time and sucking up your energy. Those are the very things you want to hand off to other people. You’ll find yourself energized, more productive, and more profitable in everything you do for your business. Today’s guest, Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking specializes in those kinds of choices, so be sure you listen to receive her insights about how you can maximize your workload and profitability.


Outline of this great episode!

  • Introduction of Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking: speaker and coach.
  • Dr. Reiff-Hekking’s mission and story of how she reached it.
  • The things that most influenced Sarah’s move into entrepreneurialism.
  • Dr. Reiff-Hekking’s biggest entrepreneurial challenge and how she faced it.
  • The business model Dr. Sarah uses to produce income.
  • The power moves Dr. Sarah uses to increase her productivity and profitability.
  • How Dr. Reiff-Hekking advises you to increase your own business and profitability.
  • A productivity tool Dr. Sarah uses.
  • The best advice Dr. Sarah has ever received.
  • The people who inspire  Dr. Reiff-Hekking every day.
  • A favorite book recommendation.
  • A free gift from Dr. Sarah and how you can get in touch with her.

Resources mentioned in this episode


Dr. Sarah’s website:


BOOK: Nine Things Successful People Do Differently


Get your FREE “True Focus Quiz


To access your free New Superwoman Gift Pack and stay connected to all of our guests and their free bonuses, register at


Dec 8, 2015

Today’s guest is CEO and Founder of the award winning firm CEO Mastery, an executive and leadership development firm working with exceptional leaders who want to elevate brand position, engage their people, and increase profits while honoring their true purpose. In addition to her success with CEO Mastery she took her first company to rank as one of Inc 500's fastest growing private companies in the United States. She is an award winning author, TEDx speaker and keynotes in the areas of leadership, marketing and communication. Maribel is delighted to introduce you to Dr. Monikah Ogando on this episode of the New SuperWoman Entrepreneur!

Do you want to know how to build a profitable business? You’ve come to the right place.

With a background in finance and holding two doctorates, the first in Psychology and the second in Comparative Religions, Dr. Monikah  has become a foremost authority in building sustainable, leveraged and profitable enterprises. She has been featured in ABC, NBC, Fox and CBS as well as Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine and other notable publications. She is the author of best sellers such as "On Fire: 7 Steps to Ignite Your Business and Light Up Your Life," "Sacred Commerce: The 7 Spheres of Spirit Driven Leadership", and "Unlock Your Inner CEO: Leading from the Inside Out". On this episode you’re going to hear Dr. Monikah share valuable insights about life, business, and the balance between the two. You’re sure to find something powerful to help you move your business forward.


How her last employer became her first client!

Dr. Monikah Ogando didn’t enter the entrepreneurial world on purpose. She was let go from her job after she had created powerful trainings for her employer that increased the bottom line tremendously. She took the content she’d created (there was no agreement with the employer that made the materials theirs) and set herself up as their consultant to continue doing those trainings for them. She expanded her reach and built a business helping other business owners increase their bottom line. It goes to show that your hard times can actually be blessings in disguise, the doors that open up to new opportunities. Hear Dr. Ogando’s inspiring story on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur!


The power of getting yourself involved in a like-minded community.

The entrepreneurial path is not an easy one. Many people don’t understand it. Many people will oppose you on your journey. For those reasons it’s vital that you surround yourself with people who are on the same path and seeking the same things. That like-minded community can be the thing that sustains you when nothing else will. On this episode of the New Superwoman Entrepreneur, Dr. Monikah Ogando shares how vital this aspect of being a business owner is and how you can find the right people to support you and surround yourself with. It’s a powerful and practical point you can use today!


Diversifying income streams as a way to safeguard your business.

Imagine that you were able to sell your products directly through Facebook. That would be a powerful avenue through which you could reach the exact people who need and want what you have to offer. But it wouldn’t be wise to have Facebook as your ONLY source of revenue. Why? Because Facebook owns their platform and can make changes that impact your income any time they want. You’re too dependent on that one source of income. Dr. Monikah Ogando says that one of her biggest power moves was to diversify her streams of income. It not only brought more income into her business but also provides her a safeguard so that if one stream changes or dries up, others can take up the slack until she can reorient and make adjustments. Find out more about creating your own varied streams of income on this episode.


Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of Dr. Monikah Ogando.
  • Dr. Ogando’s mission: the thing that drives her every move.
  • A blessing in disguise moment Dr. Ogando experienced and how she overcame it.
  • Dr. Ogando’s business strategy: her business model and power moves she makes.
  • The ways Dr. Oganda leverages her output: using tools to make herself more productive.
  • The best advice Dr. Oganda has ever received.
  • Dr. Oganda’s inspirations.
  • A great book recommendation.
  • The personal mantra Dr. Oganda lives by.
  • Dr. Oganda’s free gift!


Resources mentioned in this episode


Dr. Monikah’s website:


Google Drive




BOOK: The 20 Master Plots


BOOK: "On Fire: 7 Steps to Ignite Your Business and Light Up Your Life,"


BOOK: "Sacred Commerce: The 7 Spheres of Spirit Driven Leadership"


BOOK: "Unlock Your Inner CEO: Leading from the Inside Out".


Dr. Oganda’s free gift:

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Dec 3, 2015

Today’s guest, Colleen Slaughter, grew up in a single-parent, low income household in Kentucky. Her path to becoming a leader for women became clear at an early age. As a little girl, Colleen used to pretend teach in the office.  She would spend hours talking and writing. At the age of twenty one she moved to Paris, France in spite of having no concrete blueprint for earning money and few spoken French abilities. From there she went on to get certified as a coach and her turning moment came six months into coaching school. Today’s conversation reveals much of what is in Colleen’s heart for women, which flows out of her own journey to the life she lives now. You’re going to enjoy this chat.

How a mom of small children pulls off the big-time entrepreneurial life.

Colleen Slaughter a mentor for international leaders through Authentic Leadership International where she is dedicated to helping International leaders claim what they want and make the moves needed to achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction. But alongside that is her passion for her two young children, her home and husband, and the many things that go into making her life fulfilling and meaningful. How does she do it? She says it has to do with a constant focus on staying in alignment with herself. She can’t allow herself to push or strive beyond the boundaries of the things that are truly important to her. You can hear more of what she thinks and how she practices this on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur.


Who am I and what do I have to offer?


Colleen Slaughter says that as a coach she’s not selling a product or a service - she’s selling herself. It has to do with her experiences, her insights, her lessons learned. With that being the case it’s vital that she is able to get clear on who she is and what she has to offer. It takes a sober look at herself and humility to admit the good and the bad. It comes through a lot of bumps and a lot of running into walls. But the journey has been worth it because she’s come out of her exploration with a much clearer focus on her story, her being, and what she can do for others. If you’re looking for clarity in your own life, Colleen’s story will be of great encouragement to you.

3 types of revenue generation for her business.

Colleen Slaughter is a world-class trainer and speaker and to generate revenue she focuses on 3 main areas. The first is coaching, both individually and in groups. The second is speaking - to large and small groups. Both of those are great sources of income but neither is “passive” by any stretch. That brings us to the 3rd, online products - mainly courses. These are things Colleen has created once that continue to add value to her audience and run on their own. She loves having the diversity of opportunities that fit her gifts and make the most of her experience and story. How much thought have you given to your streams of revenue? You’ll probably get some ideas from this conversation.


The BOLDER method of putting your life and business on track.


Colleen Slaughter has created a powerful system that she uses to help entrepreneurs and others build the life and/or business of their dreams. The acronym that explains the system is BOLDER. Here’s what it stands for:


B - Believe in yourself

O - Organize your goals

L - Learn what’s stopping you

D - Develop practices to achieve your vision

E - Evolve into the new you

R - Reap the benefits of your hard work


In this episode Colleen very generously unpacks these points to help you understand the kind of things you can do to get yourself headed in the direction you truly want to go. You don’t want to miss this one.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of Colleen Slaughter, founder of Authentic Leadership International.
  • Colleen’s calling and the roles she plays.
  • What most influenced Colleen to become an entrepreneur?
  • A blessing in disguise moment for Colleen - a fresh experience in her life.
  • How Colleen generates revenue in her business.
  • Tips for women entrepreneurs from an experienced coach and entrepreneur.
  • Why it’s important to develop practices that head toward your goals.
  • The day to day things Colleen does to leverage her activity and life.
  • Colleen’s favorite technology tools.
  • The best advice Colleen has ever received.
  • A book recommendation from Colleen.
  • How you can find out about her.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Colleen’s website:


BOOK: “The Prosperous Heart


Get Colleen’s free handout :


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Dec 1, 2015

Today’s guest, Julia Mikk, was born in Estonia but has since moved to the United States. She is an internationally renowned healer, teacher, and spiritual guide. She is the founder of Breath of Love movement with certified Breath of Love Practitioners in many countries. Julia's experiences instantly change people's lives. Her clients come from all over the world to experience the shamanic Breath of Love process, receive a deep emotional and physical healing, and embody courage to live their soul purpose. Julia’s conversation with Maribel today is very revealing of the kind of person she is and the type of work she does with people. We invite you to listen in to this intimate conversation.


How does a person with a passion for inner healing become an entrepreneur?


Julia Mikk’s journey into entrepreneurship began with a very strong feeling that she needed to follow the desires in her heart but the turning point came when she experienced her own dark season of life. She had been pushing herself hard, working long hours, traveling a great deal and became aware that if she didn’t change the way she was living she would wind up contracting a disease or breaking down physically in some other way. That is what launched her into a pursuit of balancing her own life with her calling.


One of Julia’s worst moments that turned into a blessing in disguise.


When Julia hit her dark season, the time when she was burning out faster than she was rejuvenating, she discovered something very important. The blessing of it was that her own challenge of balancing and restructuring her life led her to truly getting to a place of peace and balance within herself which enabled her outreach and work to expand beyond what she had previously experienced. What is your blessing in disguise moment? Can you see the good that comes from the pain?


The business model Julia uses in her business.


Much of what Julia does centers around 3 main areas: workshops, private sessions, and larger group sessions. She’s committed to these main areas because they are what bring about the most from her time and energy but also provide the greatest amount of benefit and value to her clients. It’s a balance that is difficult to find because the need for income is always there, but the need to provide true value to people who are in need is there as well. You can learn a lot from listening to Julia explain this, on this episode.


I always sleep in… never using an alarm clock.


That’s what Julia Mikk mentioned first when she was asked about the structures that she uses to make her life and business successful. Her reasoning is that her body knows the best time for her to wake on any given day. She doesn’t want to rush that or disrupt it, but to allow her body to get the rest and strength it needs by resting adequately. Is this a tip that could help you in your business ventures? Hear more of Julia’s practices and thoughts on this episode of the New Superwoman Entrepreneur.


Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of Julia Mikk, founder of Breath of Love Movement.
  • How Julia describes her work and mission.
  • The variety of roles Julia plays in life and what inspired her to become an entrepreneur.
  • A time when Julia experienced a difficulty that turned into a blessing.
  • Pushing against the tendency to run on fumes.
  • The most powerful moves Julia has made to impact her bottom line.
  • How Julia helps women learn to listen to the voice of their intuition.
  • What is the starting place Julia would advise women entrepreneurs to start in seeking well-being for themselves?
  • Julia’s structures that support her business and life.
  • Tools Julia uses to maximize her life and work.
  • The best advice Julia has ever received.
  • Who inspires her?
  • A book recommendation from Julia.
  • Julia’s personal mantra for life.
  • How you can connect with Julia online.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Julia’s website & Access to Free Meditation:

BOOK: The Surrender Experiment


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