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The Superwoman Entrepreneur podcast was created for you, the woman entrepreneur who often feels overwhelmed working really hard to create and monetize your expertise. If you desire more freedom overall in your business and life overall to do the things you love, stay tuned as Maribel Jimenez delivers weekly inspiration, business strategy and keys to leverage your business and design a life you love! Each episode brings you a mix of successful entrepreneurs out there doing it and sharing their journey, business strategies, success tips, ways to leverage, tools, resources and so much more! We end each episode with ways you can take the learning further and create the business and life the way YOU want it!
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Nov 27, 2015

Dr. Boettcher delivers professional sales, communication and public speaking training designed to bring your business and career to higher levels of performance than you could achieve on your own. He is an inspirational figure to countless people because, not only does he have the know-how and the passion to help people succeed, but his life’s experiences have given him the ability to relate to others with compassion and authenticity. This helps him truly shine as a mentor. Today you’re in for a huge treat as you hear Dr. Boettcher’s insights.

How an old man inspired Dr. Andreas Boettcher to pursue excellence.

Being of European descent, Dr. Andreas Boettcher was blessed to be able to travel to the “old country” regularly to visit is family back there. One of the most #InfluentialPeople he visited was his grandfather. He recalls doing things with his grandfather that still have an impact on him today. He even remembers once when he was a high school athlete that his grandfather beat him in a race. It was experiences like that, that made him want to be the kind of “old man” his grandfather was.  The way the family patriarch took care of his own body, lived every day with gusto and excitement, and invested his time in people and the things he loved was very inspiring to Andreas. Who is your inspiration? As you listen to this episode, ask yourself that question in light of Dr. Andreas has to share.

Do you need an increase in your productivity?

Dr. Andreas Boettcher is an expert at helping people just like you reach your peak potential. Whether from the stage or one-on-one, Dr Boettcher is one of the very best at his craft. He’s able to help you get a fresh look at your role within your organization or business to give you the instant motivation boost that you need. On this exciting episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur you’re going to hear the life stories behind how Dr. Andreas has reached the point he’s at and what you can do to grow your business in the same ways he has. You’re going to get so much out of this conversation!

There are only two reasons a business doesn’t succeed.

Did you realize that? What would happen if you could boil down everything you’re doing in light of those two vital issues and maximize them effectively? Your business would thrive, guaranteed. In this episode you’re going to hear Dr. Andreas Boettcher explain exactly what those two reasons are that cause businesses to fail, what you can do to maximize your effectiveness in both of those areas, and use those results to leverage your business to an even greater degree of success. If you don’t do anything else today to equip yourself for greater success, you’ve GOT to listen to this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur. You won’t regret it.

The importance of knowing and articulating the compelling result you provide to your customers or clients.

Dr. Andreas Boettcher has learned a great deal over his long career as a chiropractor and now as a sales coach. One of those things is that you, the business owner, has to first be that YOU know what the incredible benefit is that you provide to your ideal client or customer. If you can’t articulate it easily and quickly, nobody else will be able to. But there’s more… that thing you do also has to be compelling, worded in such a way that anyone who needs what you offer hears you say it and immediately say, “I need that!” Dr. Andreas is an expert at helping businesses craft these statements of purpose and move their profits into the stratosphere, so be sure you listen to this episode to hear all his great tips.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Introduction of Maribel’s guest, Dr. Andreas Boettcher.
  • The mission Dr. Andreas is on and how he’s progressed to where he is.
  • The importance of balance in life and finding the course of action of how to maintain it.
  • What most influenced Dr. Boettcher to become an entrepreneur?
  • One of the “Blessing in Disguise” moments Dr. Andreas has experienced and what it taught him about business and attracting patients.
  • Dr. Andreas’ business model is all about leverage.
  • Power moves Dr. Andreas suggests to move your business forward.
  • The revenue generating activities Dr. Boettcher focuses on every day.
  • What are the outcomes you provide for your customers… do you know?
  • The things Dr. Andreas uses to maximize his time.
  • The best advice Dr. Boettcher has ever received.
  • Who inspires Dr. Andreas the most?
  • The book he goes to the most for inspiration and help.
  • Dr. Andreas’ website and ways he can help you.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Dr. Andreas’ website:

Your Best Year Ever Journal

BOOK: Think and Grow Rich

Dr. Andreas' live event:

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Nov 24, 2015

Kimberly Doehnert is many things: author, figure competition pro, personal trainer, and coach. She loves helping people just like you get amazing results when it comes to their fitness goals. In Maribel’s words Kimberly is part teacher, part coach, and part loving kick in the butt. She helps people in all walks of life achieve whatever health and fitness goals they put their minds to, having fun all along the way. In today’s episode you’re not only going to hear about how Kimberly helps those wanting to get their fitness goals moving in the right direction, but also how she established and runs her business to levels of incredible success. There are a lot of great tips to glean from this conversation so don’t miss out!

How a self proclaimed “fat chick” became Washington, D.C.’s Toughest Trainer.

For Kimberly Doenhert, struggles with weight and a lack of vitality was a common experience. She was stationed overseas as a military spouse with 2 small children. She felt isolated, alone, and depressed. Because of that she resorted to overeating and ended up 50 pounds overweight. The weight gain motivated her to connect with a fitness professional who helped her establish a good plan for her health and fitness. The transformation was remarkable and her gratitude turned into her own motivation to give people the same gift – helping them get into the best shape no matter what their situation. As you’ll hear on this interview, Kimberly knows her stuff and is committed to helping people everywhere take the steps they’ve always wanted but have been unable to take. Listen to this episode: you’ll be glad you did!

There are more people online than will ever come to your door.

Not only that, when you are location dependent you can only service a finite number of clients at a time. The realization of those truths are what motivated Kimberly Doenhert to take her personal training practice online. Her first step was an ebook which became popular right away. Her next steps were to create classes, courses, and other online resources that teach people the principles of getting in shape and staying in shape that she’d seen be so successful in her one on one coaching. Her business has multiplied simply because it’s able to reach more people than if she had stayed location dependent. Hear Kimberly’s enthusiastic explanation of these concepts on this episode of the New Superwomen Entrepreneur.


A 3 step process Kimberly learned from the military that enables her to get fast results from her clients.

Kimberly Doenhert has been both a military spouse and an active duty member of the U.S. armed forces. She’s very familiar with the military way of life. One thing that she learned from being associated with the armed services is that things are accomplished most effectively when they are task and systems based. She’s now taken that philosophy into her personal training and coaching business and is able to help her clients and those who use her courses, get results they are hoping for in a fraction of the time. What are the 3 steps she focuses on to accomplish something this amazing? You’ll have to listen to this episode to get the details!


Carving out space for yourself is foundational to success in every area of life.

Think about that statement deeply and you’ll begin to see the wisdom of keeping yourself healthy. If you are not well it won’t matter how much you need to get done to make your business prosper, you simply won’t be able to do it. Personal health and fitness is foundational to running a business that is able to thrive. Of course, many people plod along in a “medium” state of health, not realizing that their lack of attention to their health is having compounding effects, and the more they neglect their health the likelihood that they will have a cataclysmic health crisis grows. Today’s guest, Kimberly Doenhert is a world-class businesswoman and personal trainer. She has just what you need to get your health on track and keep it on track. You won’t want to miss what she’s got to share.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of Kimberly Doenhert, personal trainer and nutrition coach.
  • Kimberly’s mission began trying to get herself in shape but was moved by a fitness professional who helped her transform herself.
  • A blessing in disguise moment in Kimberly’s life and how it changed the way she looks at life and business.
  • The business model and structure Kimberly employs to make her income strategies work and give her lifestyle freedom at the same time.
  • The power of attracting an audience to what you have to offer - and how Kimberly began using social media to do that.
  • Tips for women who want and need to build a healthier lifestyle and prosperous business.
  • Carving out space for yourself as a foundational practice to success in every area
  • A 3 step secret for coaches to get results in their clients in a short period of time.
  • A typical day for Kimberly and how she manages it well.
  • Snacks and meals Kimberly eats throughout the day.
  • A technology tool Kimberly uses and recommends to her clients.
  • What’s the best advice Kimberly has ever received.
  • Who inspires you, Kimberly?
  • A book recommendation.
  • A personal mantra Kimberly lives by.
  • How you can find out more about Kimberly and receive a free gift from her.

Resources mentioned in this episode

Kimberly’s website:

Kimberly’s YouTube channel:

My Fitness Pal (online, free resource)

BOOK: Who Moved My Cheese?

Kimberly’s free workout:

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Nov 19, 2015

Today’s guest on the New SuperWoman Entrepreneur is Gina Hiatt, PhD. Gina is the creator of an original software system which she created as a result of watching academics struggle to complete critical writing projects. Her realization was that a combination of coaching with a visual, interactive membership system would give clients a way to create, track, and achieve their goals.

As a result hundreds of academics from all over the world have used her system to complete their theses, dissertations, professional papers, and to reach their professional career goals. To move her product even further, Gina is adapting her Client Accountability System — Finish Agent — for use by book-writing coaches, mastermind group leaders, and productivity coaches.

In this episode Maribel speaks with Gina about her story, her work, what she recommends for Women Entrepreneurs, and explores practical ways Gina’s work can help you. Be sure to listen to this great episode.


Helping people do what they really want to do.


Gina’s business flowed out of her own experience as a clinical psychologist. Over and over she was talking with clients who were having trouble staying committed to projects they needed and wanted to do, including PhD students, coaches, teachers, and others. One of the things she did to help those people was to create an accountability software and system that enabled them to stay on track, remain accountable, and move their projects forward in spite of their natural tendencies to procrastinate or work on things that might seem more “fun.” Her work has propelled many people forward in their education and careers and she’s now licensing that software for people outside the academic realm. You can hear how her work has progressed and what benefits it might have for you in this episode.


Breaking down behavior habits to help people get work done.


Everything Gina Hiatt does is to help her clients look at their business through the small daily steps they do to accomplish the things they truly need to accomplish. Her approach is not about mindsets, though those are important, but rather about identifying the things that are keeping them from being productive, assessing those obstacles, and overcoming them in practical ways. Her system has shown itself to be very powerful in the lives of high level academics and professionals to move them toward their goals in tangible ways. Gina works hard to ensure that the business professionals and academics that want to use her program are a good fit for it. It’s not about the money for her, it’s about having a powerful impact on their productivity. You can hear how her software works and whether it might be of help to you, on this episode.


“My whole life is a fight against resistance.”

Gina Hiatt says that she began her productivity system and software business mostly because she needs it herself. On a daily basis she sees the seeds of resistance in herself: resistance to her next project, to moving into the size and scope of it, resistance to the discipline it takes to move those things forward. But her key lesson is that those things are overcome one step at a time. She concentrates on simplifying things down to their next logical step and focusing on accomplishing that one, simple thing. When that’s done she can look at the next step. You’ll be encouraged by Gina’s simple way of looking at productivity and hearing how she fights the productivity battle, so don’t miss this great conversation.

Free gifts to help you with productivity and accomplishing great things.


As is always the case, Maribel asked her guest today, Gina Hiatt, PhD, to share a gift with you, the listeners. The gift she shares today is a very generous and helpful tool to help you leverage the power of groups to build an additional stream of income for your business and maximize your time and income. You can hear all about this two-part free gift and how you can get it by listening to this episode of New SuperWoman Entrepreneurs.


Outline of this great episode!

  • Introduction of today’s guest: Gina Hiatt.
  • The work Gina does: Helping people do what they really want to do.
  • Gina’s life, lifestyle, and the roles she plays.
  • What influenced Gina to become an entrepreneur?
  • A blessing in disguise moment that Gina experienced - a challenge that actually served to move her business forward.
  • The business model Gina uses in each of her businesses and how they generate income.
  • The most powerful moves Gina has made to impact her bottom line in a positive way.
  • The core strategy Gina uses to support entrepreneurs.
  • The #1 tip Gina gives to women entrepreneurs.
  • How Gina leverages her typical day toward productivity and success.
  • Tools and tricks Gina uses to maximize her own productivity.
  • The best advice Gina has ever received.
  • The book Gina recommends.
  • Inspirations Gina is touched by.
  • A personal mantra Gina lives by.
  • Gina’s special FREE GIFT for NSWE listeners.

Resources mentioned in this episode - Gina’s website & accountability software.


BOOK: Built to Sell - A productivity suite Gina’s team uses  - mind mapping software - scheduling software


BOOK: The War of Art 


Where you can get your FREE ebook and additional gift:


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Nov 17, 2015

Today’s guest, Rochele Lawson, is a health and wellness superstar. She’s the host of the Blissful Living radio show and leads the way in helping people maximize their lives and health through her business . Her desire is to educate and support those interested in improving or managing their health and well-being in a holistic manner, through Ayurveda. In today’s conversation Maribel asks Rochelle to share her journey toward becoming an entrepreneur, to explain her business model and approach to making money and helping her clients with their health, and the things that have made her successful as a Superwoman entrepreneur. You’ll enjoy hearing Rochelle’s story and tips, so be sure to listen!

All of us have “blessings in disguise” that we experience… one of Rochele Lawson’s happened in a very promising project…

Rochele’s first business was in the telecommunications industry and she experienced a wonderful opportunity with a huge project that her company was awarded, but they weren’t prepared for the load it would be. They hadn’t added to their manpower or set up the proper systems to enable them to handle the project. They didn’t have the cashflow to meet the payroll demands. She learned through that challenge that she could tweak the company’s systems to make them more efficient, communicate with existing clients to manage the cash flow issues better, and adjust other things to make things work temporarily. It’s an example of how rather than giving in to panic you can adjust things to help you move forward in spite of overwhelming challenges. Hear the story and the specifics of how she handled it, on this episode.

The Power Move that has increased her revenue incredibly.

Rochele Lawson has many streams of income that feed her health and wellness business. Products, courses, coaching, consultations - all of those are important ways she offers help to clients. But the one thing she has done that has made the biggest difference to her bottom line is to host retreats. These events are typically higher priced services that require much more planning and organization but also generate more income more quickly to create cash flow and possibilities for the business. Listen to this episode to hear how Rochele has put those things into practice and how they might look in your business model.

Super tips for health and wellness for the busy woman entrepreneur.

It’s Rochele Lawson’s area of specialty to coach people in maximizing their health and life wellness. In this episode she shares some simple but powerful ways to keep yourself well. Among them are the simplicity of washing your hands with plain soap and water, getting out into nature for at least 5 minutes every day, forcing yourself to smile (and the physical impact it has on you), and a handful of other quick tips that can set you up for success in your day no matter what’s going on in your world. You’ll want to hear these practical ways to increase your vitality, so don’t miss these “moments of ecstasy” tips.

Would you like to get a free stress assessment?

The impacts of stress are an unseen force that effect all of us, even those of us who feel that we don’t get stressed very much. How do you know just how much of an impact stress is having on you, physically, emotionally, and mentally? Today’s guest on New SuperWoman Entrepreneurs, Rochele Lawson, has a free gift for you - her Stress Assessment Magic program. You can learn what to expect from the program, about the other free gifts that come with it, and how to access it on this edition of the show, so be sure you listen all the way to the end to get your free stress assessment.

Outline of this great episode!

  • Maribel’s introduction of Rochele Lawson.
  • Rochele’s mission in life and the roles she fills.
  • What most influenced Rochele to be an entrepreneur.
  • A “blessing in disguise” event in Rochele’s life.
  • A business model that works on a deeper level and for more clients.
  • What are the “power moves” Rochele has implemented to move her business forward the most.
  • Tips for women entrepreneurs to feel better and live more fully.
  • What Rochele does to leverage her time and productivity.
  • What tools has Rochele used to increase her life?
  • The best advice Rochele has ever received.
  • The people who inspire Rochele day to day.
  • A powerful book Rochele recommends.
  • Rochele’s personal mantra: a quote she lives by.
  • Where to find out more about Rochele and how to get her FREE GIFT.


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rochelle’s blog:


Rochelle’s radio show: Blissful Living


Sleeptime app


BOOK: The Law of  Success - Get Rochele’s FREE GIFT!


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Nov 17, 2015

Michelle helps rising stars position and promote themselves as thought leaders in their fields of expertise both inside their industries, or inside their corporate environments. She does this through speaking to audiences, facilitating high-level group trainings,  and offering private coaching to women. Michelle's clients include large, well-known corporations like Burger King, American Express, Audi, Gibraltar Bank, Frito-Lay, LivingSocial, and Constant Contact, among others. But another passion is helping small businesses – particularly, but not only, women-owned ones. She loves to create huge breakthroughs to drive visibility, credibility and marketability for those women. You can see why she’s on this episode, so get ready to enjoy Michelle’s story and expertise.

Finding your perfect fit doesn’t always come along as you expect.

Michelle Villalobos is the first to tell you that. She worked hard to get to the top in her chosen profession and when she got there she discovered something surprising: she wasn’t happy. It wasn’t that she’d lost her interest in her field, it was that her lifestyle wasn’t what she wanted. That began a journey of her discovering more who she was and what she was good at. It took a long time and her path wasn’t easy, but Michelle discovered that her ultimate desires focused around helping others achieve their dreams through developing a personal branding strategy that serves their dreams. You can hear about Michelle’s journey and how she made those discoveries as she chats with Maribel on this episode.

Narrowing her focus brought even greater opportunities.

Once Michelle Villalobos began her branding business she knew she was on the right track. But there was still a catch inside, something telling her that she still wasn’t dialed all the way into her deepest desires. As she considered that catch, she came to the conclusion that her deepest desire was to work with women entrepreneurs. But that realization brought some fears with it. How could she afford to narrow her market? Wouldn’t that remove opportunities for her to generate income? What she found was not only surprising, it was counterintuitive - and it’s the same lesson you’ll need to learn to maximize your business.

Hear Michelle’s tips on how to get there on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneurs.

Michelle’s special offer for all NSWE listeners: Googe-licious

Attend this year's Premier women's event: The Women’s Success Summit

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Nov 10, 2015

Our guest today is Laura Doyle, she’s a New York Times bestselling author of many books on relationships and marriage including “The Surrendered Wife,” “The Surrendered Single,” and “First, Kill All the Marriage Counselors.” She also has created “The Six Intimacy Skills,” a step-by-step system that over 150,000 women have used to make their broken relationships passionate and peaceful again. Those skills where what Laura discovered to bring about change in her own marriage and turn things around. She’s been a relationship coach for 17 years and enjoys seeing women apply the simple principles she teaches to enrich and transform their marriages. You’ll enjoy Laura’s enthusiasm and energy as she shares her life and her story.

A business built out her own painful story.

Laura Doyle’s marriage was a painful reality. She didn’t understand what had happened but things were not as she had dreamed they would be. That’s when she made the choice that would change her entire life. She decided to begin a study of women who had happy and fulfilling marriages. What she discovered was the basis for her “6 Intimacy Skills” teaching and the change her marriage needed. The results have been huge! Women speaking 16 languages and in 27 countries and a variety of faiths have not only saved their marriages by applying Laura’s principles, they have joined the movement to end world divorce–one relationship at a time.

Find out more about what Laura is doing to change the world one marriage at a time, on this episode of New Superwoman Entrepreneur. - Laura’s challenge for you!

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Nov 5, 2015

Amy Pearson is a self-described “approval addict.” Years ago she discovered that she’d lived her entire life trying to get a pat on the back from other people. But a tragic loss in her life enabled her to turn the corner and find a life full of happiness by doing what she wanted to do in the world. She believes that at the root of approval addiction is a basic human need to belong. But she also believes that when you live for approval you never truly find belonging. You sacrifice yourself for a false sense of belonging called “fitting in.” By making that mindset shift Amy began learning to create an inner world for herself that fueled her dreams. Now she helps women break their own approval addiction, live the life they desire, and make a difference in the world. In this conversation Amy shares her story, her business, and an amazing free gift for you. You’ll want to listen.

Thinking contributes to results.

One of the things Amy loved most about training to become a life coach was the understanding that how a person thinks impacts the results they get in their lives. It was  powerful for her not only as a core principle of how to help people, but also how to move out of her own addiction to the approval of other people. It’s been her joy to see her life expand as she’s learned to turn her own thinking in new, positive, more possibility-focused directions and she’s been thrilled to help her coaching clients make those same shifts and see similar transforming results in their lives. This conversation is full of encouragement - from Amy’s story and from what’s happened in her life and in the lives of her clients. So be sure to listen in to this chat.

Don’t let your setbacks be an opportunity to give up.

Establishing your own business and seeing it thrive is hard work. It’s discouraging work at times. But it’s also some of the most rewarding work you’ll ever do. In today’s conversation Amy Pearson shares a time in her entrepreneurial journey when she became incredibly overwhelmed. The mountain of things to do and steps to take in order to push her business forward seemed so huge that she didn’t think she’d ever accomplish it. What she learned in that time of overwhelm was that everything ahead is worth fighting for and that sometimes you’re only 3 steps away from hitting gold. Her desire is to help other women push through those obstacles and discouragements and not allow the setbacks to serve as an opportunity to give up.

Listen in to this conversation to hear how you can push through the setbacks to find the gold!

Amy’s free gift, the “Nothing Is Ever Good Enough” module of her Brazen coaching is found at 

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Nov 3, 2015

On today’s episode Maribel is chatting with Chloe Rain, an author, photographer, blogger, and entrepreneur who has made her way into the life coaching realm as well. She considers herself a modern day Shaman - she’s trained in both Native American traditions and the Q'ero Pampamesayok Shaman Lineage of Andean Energy Medicine. 

Chloe is the Founder of Explore Deeply & the Explore Deeply Movement. She has walked in both worlds and understands the complexity of our Western World, and the simplicity of our hearts desires. In this conversation you’ll get a good look into the mind and and heart of this successful Superwoman entrepreneur, so set aside some time to listen.

What would it look like to step outside the box I’ve been given and create a box of my own?

Chloe Rain has been a successful entrepreneur for many years but she’s not always been in that place. The turning point for her was when she realized that there were expectations that people and even the culture had for her and that she was walking within… call it a box. 

She wondered to herself, “What would it look like to step outside the box I’ve been given and create a box of my own?” That’s what gave her the personal permission to begin finding herself, discovering her own unique gifts, and understanding how she fit into the world. From there she moved more and more into the place where she is today. You can hear the account of how all this happened from Chloe’s own lips on this episode of the New Superwoman Entrepreneur.

Don’t get too hung up on how you identify yourself.

It’s common for women entrepreneurs to stress over how they identify themselves, in part because the issue is a big part of how you identify your brand and your value proposition. But Chloe Rain cautions that all of us superwomen not get too hung up on those labels. She finds that many times labels set us up for failure and create in us unrealistic expectations that don’t take into account the flexible, changing nature of life as it is. It can be a very long road finding your way out of that once you’re mindset and 

[Tweet "Watch out for the labels, they can set you up for disappointment and failure"]

The value of getting a 3rd party perspective on your life, brand, and business.

It’s easy to get trapped in your own head, in your own perspective. When that happens it becomes more and more difficult to discern what’s really going on in your own heart and mind as you strive to build your business. Chloe Rain recommends that you find a trusted, 3rd party to help you navigate those types of issues. You need someone who’s outside the scope of your normal life and business, someone who can hear the struggles and challenges you’re facing and tell you, “That’s normal.” “It’s alright.” or “Here are some things you can do that might help.” That sort of resource could be the exact thing you need to keep you moving forward in a healthy way as you walk your superwoman journey.

Have you hit a place in your life where you’re not really happy?

That’s the exact place Chloe Rain found herself even though she’d been very successful in her career. There were things nagging at her deep down that told her that what she was experiencing wasn’t all there is, wasn’t what she was truly looking for. 

In this episode of the New Superwoman Entrepreneur, Maribel chats with Chloe about that time in her life and the two share the things that came out of that season and how Chloe found herself and began moving into a more authentic, aligned, powerful place as a woman. You’ll want to hear this one.

Resource from Chloe Rain: - use the coupon “Maribel” -  FREE OFFER to get your “21 Days To Love” program

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